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Duluth GA Karate

Duluth, GA Karate —We talk about character a lot in martial arts. And in HapKiDo, we assign different characteristics to each belt color. Not only do our students learn techniques, they are able to reflect upon the essence and spirit of a martial artist. A word that has struck us recently is from the brown belt: Kindness.

In HapKiDo, we define kindness as a state of being, someone who possesses a helpful nature. Kindness is something that benefits others, while it also nurtures ourselves. To be kind is to see and think of others’ well-being. It’s something where we consider how our actions could affect others. And the great thing about kindness, the actions don’t have to be huge, yet it can have a ripple effect.

We could open the door for someone, pay for someone’s meal or gas, share food with a neighbor, give compliments, volunteer, hold drives, spread love, and find ways to help one heal. 

Kindness allows us to spread warmth on someone else’s cold days, while adding to others’ sunny ones. 

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