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Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Duluth GA— It’s important to manage stress because it greatly affects our health physically and mentally. The negative effects of stress include low energy, insomnia, body aches, lower immunity, increased appetites, and lack of focus. But when stress is managed, it results in better energy, mood, focus, and weight. At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Duluth GA, we strongly recommend making stress management a part of your lifestyle.

A Few Ways to De-Stress

Take karate classes at Choe’s HapKiDo martial arts duluth GA!

It may be no surprise, but our top favorite solution to stress management is through martial arts. Not only does the martial arts community accept all your kicks, punches, and yells from the gut, but you find that everyone here is supportive of your goals. In fact, they will help you be successful, train with you, and be there on the good and bad days. The well-rounded workouts, emotional support, and positive energy that our school provides will have you leaving in a better mood. What’s more, these benefits are the result of just one class.

Spend time meditating!

Also one of our favorite solutions, meditation is a practice here at Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Art Duluth GA. We see how it greatly affects students from students to adults. For instance, kids who have trouble staying focused or sitting still, meditation guides them through short timeframes to practice these. For adults, if you’ve ever had a bad work day or other life things are bothering you, taking time to meditate has instant results. Spend 15 minutes with some relaxing music, focus the mind on a calming scenery, and engage in deep, steady breathing. You can also choose to focus on a positive word for the day.

Take a 30 minute reading break!

A destressing strategy that’s not martial arts related but contributes to our well-beings, read for 30 minutes! Find a quiet place where interruptions are zero to few. Research shows that reading daily lowers the heart rate and relaxes the muscles. Listening to music or drinking hot tea are also great de-stressing solutions, but somehow reading works better and faster.

When stress is built up, we tend to be not the best version of ourselves. We may take it out on people who don’t deserve it, and our bodies can get sick. We also tend to eat way more than necessary, and that can cause significant weight gain. So, by relieving the stress regularly, we’re taking charge of our health.

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