Duluth Kids Martial Arts – Junior Instructor Program

Duluth Kids Martial Arts

At Choe’s HapKiDo, our Duluth Kids Martial Arts program offers students many opportunities to grow. For example, our Junior Instructor program encourages students to increase skills in leadership, while growing in martial arts. Once students become junior instructors, they are able to help others with what they enjoy, but also have experience in practicing great leadership techniques.

3 Benefits of Being a Junior Instructor:

1) Teaching Sharpens What They Have Learned

You may have heard that learning never ceases. And when the student becomes a teacher, he’s still a student. Because from the moment he tries to teach, he has to figure out how to help a student. And as he figures out how to explain, it sharpens his understanding of techniques, martial arts philosophy, and more.

2) Extra Leadership Opportunities

Martial Arts offers leadership classes for the instructors. They learn better techniques on how to guide individuals and an entire class, and develop their skills even better.

3) A Way to Give Back

It’s always good to pause and look back to where one started. As one grew from having great instructors invest in him, now he can return the favor to other students.

Through the Junior Instructor Class, students will have a better appreciation in what goes into teaching and serving others. From the instructors’ end, it’s wonderful to watch students grow into super, amazing junior instructors. Especially when we have seen them since day one, being able to grow with them is something we wouldn’t trade for the world.

For more information on our Duluth Kids Martial Arts program, visit here!

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