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HapKiDo Duluth

Choe’s HapKiDo Duluth | What is the meaning of the Green Belt in HapKiDo? At Choe’s HapKiDo, the Green Belt means Speedy Development. 

In this season, the newness of a student has gone. Like spring, their potential has sprouted from the ground. The potential is seen by all, but most importantly, by the student. During these months, the student grows rapidly. No longer is he crawling, but he has learned to walk like a martial artist. The foundation of HapKiDo has also become more natural in movement. 

A quick recap of the previous belts discussed! The White Belt (first belt!) means Seed Beneath the Winter Snow, where the student is brand new. The Yellow Belt means Germination of Life, where the student’s potential is starting to root. And finally, the Orange Belt means New Growth of Spring. This belt, the student can now learn beyond the HapKiDo basics, and start learning more of the art. 

Stay tuned for discussion about the Blue Belt!

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