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Duluth, GA Martial Arts | The last few weeks, we have been describing the different meanings of the belts. Through a philosophical lens, the colors of the belts resemble a transition throughout the seasons of the year. The first few belts depict a new student resembling a seed being planted in winter and growing throughout spring. 

The Blue Belt’s meaning is Warmth from the Sky. This belt describes how growth can only occur with the presence of life-giving light. Blue reminds us of the blue skies of spring. As the days grow longer during the growing season, the growth of spring continues to absorb the nurturing light and warmth from the sky. 

During the Blue Belt season, the instructors’ teachings to the students are like the sun giving energy to the tree. Because students want to achieve the levels as their instructors, the instructors become a guiding light and show students how they can be their best. The lessons from the instructors apply to not just Martial Arts, but in life as well. From the guidance, students are inspired to rise above all the distractions in life to become the best versions of themselves.

Blue Belts should strive for love and forgiveness. As love is to have unselfish concerns for another, forgiveness is to give up resentment. By learning love, the students gain another perspective in life. And by learning to forgive, the students are no longer bound by their emotions like anger. Not being controlled by their emotions affect how they see the world. 

Next week, we look forward to sharing with you the meaning of the Purple Belt!

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